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Guidelines for Application

  1. Requests are limited to non-profit organizations within the communities served. Organizations funded by the city or county are generally not eligible for funding.
  2. Requests are limited to educational, humanitarian, cultural, and recreational activities. No requests are granted for political or strictly religious purposes.
  3. Requests for tangible items are preferred. No awards are granted for the discretionary, nonspecific use of an organization.
  4. No requests are awarded for salaries.
  5. No requests are granted to cover expenses incurred by previous projects or past events.
  6. Requests from other foundations are generally not funded.
  7. School requests are limited to elementary, middle, and high schools; preschools; and day-care facilities.
  8. Only local units of state or national organizations are eligible for funding.
  9. All organizations, except school districts, may receive only one grant in a 12-month period.
  10. School districts may request and receive grants quarterly.