The AnnMarie Foundation awards 35 - $2000 scholarships and 35 - $500 technical college scholarships to recipients annually in the school districts served by the Foundation. The Scholarship Program is reviewed annually to determine if funding for the following year will continue and to determine the distribution of the scholarships. This funding would be available to school districts within the areas the Foundation serves.

Graduating high school seniors who are interested in the scholarship should see their high school guidance department to learn if their district is eligible and to receive the necessary paperwork to apply.

Recipients are determined by the school faculty and administration. The scholarship will be given in one installment after successful completion of the student's first semester of the first year of full-time enrollment at his/her respective college or technical school.

The following criteria will be considered by school faculty and administration when choosing a recipient:

  • The scholarship is available to any male or female student who meets the criteria
  • If more than one scholarship is awarded to a particular district, the preference is that a male and a female receive the scholarship
  • The scholarship is to be given to a student who intends to further his/her education after graduation
  • Only those students receiving less than $1,500 in scholarships from other sources will be considered for the AnnMarie Foundation award (to the best of administration’s ability, understanding some awards are not known until the awards ceremony)
  • Leadership qualities, volunteer efforts and/or community involvement to be considered
  • Grades are an integral part of selecting a winner, however, the selection process should not be restricted to the top 10-20% of students